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I'm trying to integrate zk with spring, but for somehow I can't make spring instances those service/manage objects :S

Controller, ProductTypecontroller:

    public class ProductTypeController extends SelectorComposer {

        private ProductTypeService productTypeService;

        @Listen("onCreate = listbox#typeList")
        public void loadAll() {
            BindingListModelList model = new BindingListModelList(productTypeService.getAll(), false);
            typeList.setItemRenderer(new ProductTypeListRenderer());

       public void loadAll2(Listbox lb){
         List lista = productTypeService.getAll();
        BindingListModelList model = new BindingListModelList(lista, false);
        lb.setItemRenderer(new ProductTypeListRenderer());


the Zul

<?variable-resolver class="org.zkoss.zkplus.spring.DelegatingVariableResolver"?>
<?init class="org.zkoss.zkplus.databind.AnnotateDataBinderInit" ?>
    <div id="winDiv" apply="com.iknition.micutecake.controller.ProductTypeController">
            <listbox id="typeList" width="450px" height="300px" >
                    <listheader width="50px" label="id" sort="auto(id)" />
                    <listheader width="250px" label="name" sort="auto(name)" />
                    <listheader width="140px" label="description" sort="auto(description)" />

I get NullPointerException because productTypeSerivce is null.

however, if I add onCreate="loadAll2(self);" to the listbox line in .zul then it will call the method loadAll2(Listbox lb) in that way, productTypeService is not null, and everything works fine.

any idea why? or how to make it work?

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I found the answer.

Just have to replace

<div id="winDiv" apply="com.iknition.micutecake.controller.ProductTypeController">


<div id="winDiv" apply="${productTypeController}">

so zk will use spring resolver to resolve the controller

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