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I have thousands of psd files to save as png. The psd files are not different, except for a small text in the center of a image. Is there a way to automate the job?

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Yes. Open your actions window. Create new action. Record yourself opening, saving the file as png and closing the file.

Then under File -> Automate -> Batch. Point it to your psd folder and select your action. It should run through the files saving them as pngs.

A quick google search may help if you're new to actions.

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The action must be: open one file, save the file. If I don't open a file it saves thousands of copies of the same image. Thank you. – user1330271 Jun 12 '12 at 17:27
Whoops! it's been over a year since I've used it haha, sorry about that. Thought the batch function would auto-open the files. – Christopher Marshall Jun 12 '12 at 17:28
No worries, it works! =D – user1330271 Jun 12 '12 at 17:37

XnView does the job pretty well. It can batch convert most files into most formats. It also has batch transformations and batch renaming among other things.

I use it regularly to convert PSDs to JPG/PNG/GIF.

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I would use Irfanview 's powerful batch engine. Free and super-fast.

  • Go to the Folder in Irfanview Thumnails
  • Select all files
  • Rightclick and "Start batch dialog with selected files"
  • Select PNG as output format.
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Yes you can make a Photoshop action to save the png and than run it via batch. This unfortunately gets tricky when you want to use this action option and specify the destination where the processed files are saved.

Enter Dr. (Russell) Brown’s Image Processor Pro, an extension for Photoshop that does exactly what most people need. It's dead simple and can even stack multiple processes and output formats/destinations to each file.

It's part of Dr. Brown’s Services -

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