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I am using PHP/Mongo to query a data set like the following:

      {level: (some int 0-50)},
      {level: (some int 0-50)},


      {level: (some int 0-50)}

How do I write the function, in php, that will build a dynamic query that searches for a level 40 and above, using $or and based on the number of description keys (0 ... n)?

What I currently have for a manual query is not working (I have a feeling it's because in some entries description.1, 2, 3 do not exist):


It gives me an error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'MongoCursorException' with message '$and/$or/$nor must be a nonempty array'

So, I need a function that will build the query dynamically, and work :).

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2 Answers

The $or query's value itself should be an array. {$or : [...]}

Please see the standard example in the MongoDB documentation.

You will probably also want to use an operator such as $in (or $lt and $gt in combination) to select which description level you are interested in, rather than enumerating each value.

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For those interested, here is my final code for this problem (works).

$y = 0;
$descriptionLevels = 10; // set to 'n' levels as needed ...
while($y < $descriptionLevels){
    $filter['$or'][]['description.' . $y . '.level']['$in'] = range($startLevel, $endLevel);
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