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Sorry if this question seems stupid, but it's stumped me for a couple days, so I would really appreciate any simple input from anyone! :) I'm trying to construct a line graph in d3.js that transitions between different datasets. However, whenever I hit the transition function, it selects the original line on the graph, AND the axes of the graph, and transitions all of it. I tried to do selectAll("svg:path") instead of selectAll("path") but it just returned a DOMException 12, indicating that the selection didn't exist.

//beginning of code to append axis to graph
graph.append("svg:g").attr("class", "x axis")

//draws the original line on the graph
graph.append("svg:path").attr("d", line(dataset1));

//line function
var line = d3.svg.line()
        .x(function(d) {return x(d.age);})
        .y(function(d) {return y(d.freq);})

//transition function
function transition(newData) {          
            .attr("d", line(newData));

Thanks for any responses! :)

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Just give the thing you want to change a unique class/identifier, e.g.

graph.append("svg:path").attr("d", line(dataset1)).classed("line", true);
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Thank you !!! That worked perfectly :) –  vivianh Jun 12 '12 at 18:39

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