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I am using window.location.reload in a jQuery dialog on close. The issue is that if users posted to the page earlier, it will give them a dialog to reload the post data. Is there a way to load the page without "reloading", or "refreshing".

Something similiar to PHP's header("Location");

I need it to load the same url, just not reload it.

I understand that I can use window.location = window.location, but this does not work.

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Not exactly sure what you're looking for. But this functionality sounds like a job for Ajax. – Christopher Marshall Jun 12 '12 at 17:14

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How about window.location.href = document.URL;

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In addition to the direct answers, looking at this issue from a broader scope might help.

The user is being prompted to reload post data because they came to that page via a POST method - if you were to employ the PRG pattern, you'd avoid the post data prompt, and reap the various other benefits it provides. That said, it is a bit more work :)

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