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i've been developing an application that uses augmented reality. it's the most basic example. i followed this tutorial to the letter, and when i run the application on my HTC Radar, i get a popup that says "Motion API is not supported on this device." I checked prerequisites for a phone to be able to run AR apps, and i think that mine supports everything (WP7.5 Mango,...) but i might be wrong. Does anyone know if there's any workaround for this problem? Thanks in advance.

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In my professional opinion, HTC Radar supports the motion API. In fact, I have developed an app which uses this api and it works just fine on HTC Radar. Where did you buy your phone?

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If you followed the tutorial, it might have something to do with how you are checking if the API is supported.

 // Check to see whether the Motion API is supported on the device.
  if (! Motion.IsSupported)
    MessageBox.Show("the Motion API is not supported on this device.");
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