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I am trying to use the error() function from the R CRAN ftsa package. When I set the option giveall=TRUE, so results for all the available methods are returned, R output is:

Error en length(insampletrue)  : insampletrue' is lost

I tried with the example provided by the error function help site,

error(forecast = 1:5, forecastbench = 6:10, true = 11:15, method = "mrae")

changing it to:

error(forecast = 1:5, forecastbench = 6:10, true = 11:15, giveall=TRUE)

But I got the same result. Am I missing something?


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Thank you for drawing my attention to this question. There is a coding error in the error function in the ftsa:::mase, ftsa:::mdase and ftsa:::rmsse functions. There is an argument missing, which displays the error message when giveall = TRUE. I shall submit an updated version and upload it to cran. Alternatively, feel welcome to send me an email at, and I am happy to disseminate the code to you asap.

Kind Regards & Many Thanks: Han

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