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I have a program which runs certain commands over SSH. Some of the commands are static (always the same) and others have arguments which change between runs. The program uses a private key to connect to the server, and the authorized key is locked down to force the command "sh". will only run $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND if it matches a set of static commands, or if it begins in a certain way (for non-static commands).

The problem is that something like

allowedCommand arg1 arg2 && rm -r ~/ 

would probably slip through.

Is it possible to have bash only run the first command, and ignore anything after a pipe or &&?

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You might be able to set a wrapper script as the login shell (instead of /bin/bash) and have it use sed or something to strip the unwanted parts off. It would be subject to possible false positives and may fail for arguments that contain whitespace and in other situations (see BashFAQ/050).

There might be unforeseen security issues that are introduced by this approach.

It would be better to use the security features provided by ssh, sudo, a restricted shell such as rbash and other security facilities provided by the operating system in combination.

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