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When I run

echo `nslookup`

in bash, it list all files (independent of the (non existing) ip adress). Is this an undocumented error, or what is going on?

I do realize that the echo is not needed here.

hpek@hpek:~/temp/nslookupTest$ touch fil1.txt
hpek@hpek:~/temp/nslookupTest$ touch fil2.txt
hpek@hpek:~/temp/nslookupTest$ touch fil3.txt
hpek@hpek:~/temp/nslookupTest$ echo `nslookup`
Server: Address: fil1.txt fil2.txt fil3.txt server can't find NXDOMAIN
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The output of the nslookup command contains a star * which echo expands to the current dir's files (globbing). You can fix that by surrounding the command with quotes "

$ echo "$(nslookup"
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