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I am using Reporting services 2005, and am exporting the reports into Excel. Everything is fine except for cells that have been referenced to. An example is this:

textbox1 has the value 10
textbox2 has the value 20
the formula in textbox3 is

=ReportItems!textbox1.value + ReportItems!textbox2.value

textbox3 would have the correct result 30 on the reporting services display.

but when i export the report to excel, the value where textbox should be is the reference to the location of textbox1 and textbox2 in the excel sheet instead of the value.

how can i export the value and not the references to the other two cells?

Thank You,

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When referring to a textbox.value in a formula that adds two [numbers] together you need to change the datatype:

textbox1.value =10 textbox2.value =20 textbox3.value =CInt(ReportItems!textbox1.value) + CInt(ReportItems!textbox2.value)

When you export this report into Excel you will have each value (10|20) and the sum of the two - without the reference to the cells they occupy.

I hope this helps.

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