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I have two requests, if I may.

  1. Least important but would love your opinions in regards to my code below. Any way to improve it. Make it more portable/robust etc?

  2. It seems when create a "New" the code doesn't fully work. My guess is I am not really creating a valid object. What am I doing wrong.

This didn't work in trying to create a new object.

var ll_port2 = New ll_port;
    ll_port2.init({'aa':'#_div1','bb':'#_div2','cc':'1000'}); <-- no work

if I never make a new item, it works, ala:

ll_port.init({'aa':'#_div1','bb':'#_div2','cc':'1000'});  <-- works

Code below:

           var ll_port = {
                       outside: /billabong|newage/,
                   assign: function(){
                       ccont = this.items.aa;
                       if (typeof $(ccont) === 'object' && $(ccont).css('z-index') && $(ccont).css('z-index') != {
                              $(ccont).css('zIndex','').css('zIndex', this.items.zi);
                       if($( && $(':visible')){
                   strL: function(){
                       var _self = this;
                         $("body :not(" + _self.items.aa + ")")
                            function () {
                  init: function(data){
                      $.extend(this.items, data);
                      var _self = this;
                      }, 1500);
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ll_port is not a constructor function. You can't use new with it. –  Esailija Jun 12 '12 at 18:16

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New (beside of the typo, which should be new) should be only used on functions not on objects.

And those functions should be constructors.

The new operator creates an instance of a user-defined object type or of one of the built-in object types that has a constructor function.


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You need to make ll_port a function, not an object.

var ll_port = function(){
    //... all your stuff
    this.items = {outside: /billabong|newage/};

Then you can use var ll_port2 = new ll_port()

See here for more info on Object Oriented Programming with JS

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