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I'm new to gradle. I can see something like project.getPlugins() . what does this project refers?


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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the current project.

It's a Project (docs) and refers to the current project.

Higher-level documentation can be found in the user guide, and mid-level (usages regarding projects in the scripts) can be found in the Writing Build Scripts docs.

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project is an object of type Project that refers to the current project. See the groovydoc of this variable for more details.

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project.getPlugins() == plugins == project.plugins. project is the instance of current project build. plugins is one property of current build object(project). gradle can automatically create getter and setter for one property, that is why you can use getPlugins() as well.

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project.plugins is equvalent to getProject().getPlugins()

Groovy automatically converts a property reference into a call to the appropriate getter or setter method.

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