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I'm trying to access the resources of a derived abstract class (from PhoneApplicationPage) in its children. Here is a more concrete example:

Parent WPF

<phone:PhoneApplicationPage.Resources >
    <DataTemplate x:Key="EntryTemplateAbstract">
        <!-- some ui elements -->

Child WPF

<controls:Pivot ItemTemplate="{StaticResource EntryTemplateAbstract}" />

Duo to the nature of the DataTemplate - containing click events - I'm unable to move it into the Application resource. Although in theory this would work.

On a side note: Interestingly I cannot access the resource in either the constructor of the parent or within the child.

var test = base.Resources["EntryTemplateAbstract"]; /* <- always returns null */

Any ideas?

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I think I solved the problem. It was caused by an oversight on my part, because I forgot to call InitializeComponent() in the base constructor.

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