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I'm new to git and I'd like to be able to map plans and progress for my project through github. The problem is, that requires lots of clicking around with a browser on github.com, and I'd like to be able to automate the task somewhat by using a command line program. Is there a commandline interface for github?

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You could check out this cli for the Github issues API. Note this is specific to Github Issues only.

Hope this helps.

[edit] The original answer mentioned this application which doesn't function anymore and recommends ghi.

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There's a ghi gem that you can use to manage issues.

The most commonly used ghi commands are:
   list        List your issues (or a repository's)
   show        Show an issue's details
   open        Open (or reopen) an issue
   close       Close an issue
   edit        Modify an existing issue
   comment     Leave a comment on an issue
   label       Create, list, modify, or delete labels
   assign      Assign an issue to yourself (or someone else)
   milestone   Manage project milestones
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This should be the accepted answer as github.com/jsmits/github-cli is outdated and recommends ghi –  ianstarz Dec 23 '13 at 1:16

There is a github_cli gem that I'm working on that provides command line access to the entire GitHub API v3. Please give it a try and report any issue/thoughts/feature requests.

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NodeGH - Github command line tools. Let's you create new issue, comment, open or close. You can find all the commands available at their Github repo.

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