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Because my title is too short, I will explain more clearer. I have create a code in JavaScript . And I have two options to run :

1) Run on machine : simple click into html file.

2) Run on local server : mean I start Apache, and start this html file in localhost.

( http://localhost:85/Javascript/index.html for example)

When I choose solution 1, no thing happen. And when I choose solution 2, happen as I wish. But I don't know why.

Here is my code. Purpose : take a json file and process it.

        window.onload = function(){
            var url = "http://localhost:85/javascript/json1.json";  // problem here
            var request = new XMLHttpRequest();
            request.open("GET", url);
            request.onload = function(){
                if (request.status == 200){
function update(responseText){ // some code here }
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You cannot use AJAX to read content from a different domain.

Javascript running from file://whatever cannot read localhost:85.

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Did you replace this line with the server's original path?

var url = "http://localhost:85/javascript/json1.json";


var url = "http://10.0.0.X:85/javascript/json1.json"; // Did you change the right path?

And make sure, the page is not called with the file:// protocol!

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