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I'm trying to create a route in Kohana 3.2 that would match URIs like





So the idea is that I have a sub directory called API where I have all my api controllers, the route matches the controller, the method, a format, and alternatively and id.

I have set the following rout in my application/bootstrap.php

Route::set('api', 'api/<controller>(/<action>(/<id>).<format>)',
    'format' => '(xhtml|xml|json|rss|html|php|serialize)',
    'directory' => 'api',
    'controller' => 'blogposts',
    'action' => 'get',
    'format' => 'json',

I have played with multiple combinations of this route, but every time I get the following error message for a url like: localhost/api/blogposts/post.json

HTTP_Exception_404 [ 404 ]: The requested URL api/blogposts/post.php was not found on this server.

It seems to me that this should be fine, but I must be doing something wrong.

Help is appreciated.



My default controller is set to be last, just thought I would mention it as I found this post in SO Kohana 3 route not matching

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This is probably a newb mistake but the problem was not the route, rather the class name here is why:

I placed my controller in


And the name of the class was

class Controller_Blogposts extends Controller {

After spending some time debugging the application I found that the issue was not the route so much as the name of the class which should have been

class Controller_Api_Blogposts extends Controller {

As the autoloader will map the route api/blogposts.json to the class "Controller_Api_Blogposts".

In the Kohana 3.2 Conventions and Coding Style, they have a nice table that shows what the class name is and what the file path should be:

Class name and corresponding file path in Kohana 3.2

I'm not sure 100% the technicalities behind route mapping with directories, but If the route maps to a <directory> (in this case is api) it is safe to assume that api is with in the "application/classes/controller" directory.

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