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Is there a way to trap an onReady-style event in Ember.JS after the layout has finished changing and all new elements are in the DOM? I have a datepicker that I'd like to use in my ember.js application that requires that you call


once all elements that want to use the datepicker are on screen.

In my app, I dynamically create input text elements after the initial render and so I can't just call this at the initial onReady have this executed against the new elements.

Is there a way to hook into this sort of event with Ember.js and call this at that time?

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You need to override the didInsertElement event in your Ember.View ala

didInsertElement: function() {
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This will find all .datepicker elements on the page, which may be OK. If you want to just find the .datepicker elements in this view, use: this.$('.datepicker').datepicker(); –  Luke Melia Jun 13 '12 at 14:39

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