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Hi all hopefully a simple question,

Getting around to using sass in my latest rails project, specifically the bootstrap-sass gem to get all of twitter bootstrappy goodness.

Is it possible to reference the variables already defined? The vendor / assets / stylesheets / bootstrap / _variables.scss file contains declarations for colors.

$blue: #049cdb !default;
$blueDark: #0064cd !default;
$green: #46a546 !default;
$red: #9d261d !default;

Do I need to redefine these in the top of my base application.css.scss file or can I import/reference the variables file? I've tried a couple of approaches like this:

$bodyBackground: $black;
@import 'bootstrap'

But that errors out with undefined variable $black.

Thanks for any help.

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define the variable $black first :

$black: #000;
$bodyBackground: $black;
@import "bootstrap";

or change it to :

$bodyBackground: #000;
@import "bootstrap";
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