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Any help with my perl pattern search is appreciated.I'm a novice. I want only the 1st pattern upto slash_flash captured.

I tried this:

$var1 = slash_flash*_target_bit[*]_slash_hit\n

$var1 =~ s/^(.*)\*?(.*)$/$1/g if ($var1 =~ /\*/);

I get the entire string back

$var1 = slash_flash*_target_bit[*]_slash_hit

Note : $var1 can start with anything.so you can't start pattern matching with a particular word or pattern . that's why I tried (.*)

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First, post the code you actually ran. What you said isn't true because what you posted doesn't even compile.

Moving on.

  • \*? can match zero characters.
  • .* can match zero characters.

So once the first .* matches the whole string, \*? and .* happily match zero characters.

Maybe you want

$var =~ s/^([^*]*)\*.*$/$1/g if ($var1 =~ /\*/);

which can be shortened to

$var =~ s/^([^*]*)\*.*$/$1/;

Or even to

$var =~ s/^[^*]*\K\*.*$//;
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Thanks ikegami. That helped –  cosmo kramer Jun 12 '12 at 21:18
@cosmo kramer, Welcome to Stack Overflow. If you're happy with the answer, check the checkmark next to it to mark your question answered. –  ikegami Jun 12 '12 at 21:21
I had an updated question based on this. How do I make the pattern match any of the following two lines :'code' $var1 = slash_flashold_target_bit[0] or $var1 = clone_flashnew_target_bit[5] –  cosmo kramer Jun 12 '12 at 22:03
@cosmo kramer, Depends on specific you want to be /.*/ would work. /^(?:slash_flashold_target_bit\[0\]|clone_flashnew_target_bit\[5\])\z/ would match only those two lines. Maybe you're looking for something like /_flashold_target_bit\[[0-9]+\]\z/. –  ikegami Jun 13 '12 at 2:05

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