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I'm trying to insert additional rows into a table which requires a value to be retrieved from another table. Below is an example query:

insert into a.grades (rollno, grade)
values(select rollno from b.students where ssn=12345, 'A');

Structure of b.students table is rollno, ssn, name.

I knew the above query is wrong. Is there a way to retrieve 1 value from other table while inserting a row?

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i tried it without paranthesis around select statement. Now i got it by adding ( ). – user1074122 Jun 12 '12 at 19:42
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INSERT INTO a.grades (rollno, grade)
    SELECT rollno, 'A' FROM b.students WHERE ssn = 12345;

Some DBMS would accept the following, with an extra set of parenthesis around the SELECT statement:

INSERT INTO a.grades (rollno, grade)
   VALUES((SELECT rollno FROM b.students WHERE ssn = 12345), 'A');
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got it from your second query. thanks – user1074122 Jun 12 '12 at 19:43

Columns in insert into and select must be equal

insert into grades (field1, field2)
select field1,field2 from students where ssn=12345;
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