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I'm trying to insert a '\' into a string array before each '_' in the string. The reason I am trying to do this is to keep the format of the sheetnames I pull from an xls file when i use the sheetnames in the legend of a plot. I tried using:


but it just adds the two commands as two other labels in the legend. Hense this solution. I have looked into searching through sheetnames and have found how to replace, but I don't want to replace the characters if possible. If there is a way to do this please let me know.

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Try this instead:


Note the use of parentheses instead of curly braces, which passes a cell to LEGEND instead of the contents of the cell (i.e. cell indexing instead of content indexing). This should allow the additional parameter/value pairs to be properly interpreted.

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If you want to apply a string replacement function on each cell element, you can do this as follows:

cellfun(@(x) strrep(x,'_','\_'),sheetname,'uniformoutput',false)

this applies strrep(x,'_','\_') to all elements of sheetnames and outputs it as a new cell array (because of 'uniformoutput',false).

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