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I am getting an error message "mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in...line 200" in the code below which seems to be alright as I have a similar code working in another script:

   //Reference Code Validation...
    $ref_check = mysql_query("SELECT id FROM References WHERE Ref_Code='$ref_code' LIMIT 1");
    $number = mysql_num_rows($ref_check);//line no 200
    if ($number > 0) {
        $new_user_check = mysql_query("SELECT New_User FROM References WHERE Ref_Code='$ref_code' LIMIT 1");
        $result = mysql_fetch_array($new_user_check);
        $data = $result['New_User'];
            echo 'This reference code was already redeemed. Please check or leave it blank';
            exit ();

        echo 'Reference code is invalid. Please check and try again';
        exit ();
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mysql_error() will tell you what the error is – John Conde Jun 12 '12 at 20:45

The variable $ref_check is getting false. Which means there is a syntax error in your SQL Query. If you get false there, it means you're putting a boolean into mysql_num_rows(), which will throw that error.

I don't know how your database table looks, so I can't quite tell if there is a syntax error.

If you're sure that you don't have a syntax error put this in the query:

... LIMIT 0, 1);...
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Worked it out ... found that changing the table name as below resolved the error:

Befor: References

After: `References`

These kind of semi colons can be inserted by pressing the button before the key "1" on left hand side of the keyboard.

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