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confused - given a track uri, I can get one album but possibly more than one artists (refer to sp_track_album and sp_track_artist). But given an album, I usually get only one artist. So if I get the album from track uri and then get the artist from album, there would be one artist; if I get the artist directly from track uri, there may be more than one artists. How to explain the difference?


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Have a look at this album in the Spotify client: spotify:album:0MYABBSxz6JqujXq2JBvsF

The artist for that album is "Rihanna".

Some of the tracks on the album are by more than one artist, like "We Found Love" features both Calvin Harris and Rihanna.

An album can only ever be by one artist, while tracks can feature multiple artists. A compilation album typically has an artist of "Various Artists".

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So if multiple artists are returned from sp_track_artist, is the first one always the primary artist? –  mile Jun 15 '12 at 13:57
From what I've observed, I believe so. Especially since defining the "primary artist" can be subjective - a lot of people might argue that both artists are equally responsible for a track, etc. –  iKenndac Jun 15 '12 at 22:49
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