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i used htmlspecialchars to clean site comments, it's change <> to html special character. but i also need to put some links in comments, same like as here at SO. i think some thing like perg_replace can make a exception for htmlspecialchars, for example to hide [LINK]<a href="...">...</a>[/LINK] from htmlspecialchars. how i can make it in php? or what's a better way to do that?

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What have you tried? –  Mike Jun 12 '12 at 21:30

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you can use this code:

$comment = preg_replace('/'.preg_quote('[link]','/').'(.*?)'.preg_quote('[/link]','/').'/eisU',"htmlspecialchars_decode('$1')", $comment);
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I would recommend using a library for parsing BBCode or similar things - and generally speaking that would sanitise the input itself. A quick google turned up NBBC, although that might be a bit overkill for your purposes. You don't even need to use BBCode, unless you've got your heart set on it - there are perfectly good PHP libraries for Markdown and the like.

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