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So, I have a little PHP code that uses Kaywa to generate and display a QR code:

 echo "<img src='$qr_url' alt='QR code' />";

Easy peasy. But for the sake of having a backup, I'd like to save this image to my server, maybe in "myserver/qrbackups". I know how to make PHP upload a file from a form, but can I do from a retrieved image URL?

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See file_get_contents.

$data = file_get_contents("$qr_url");
$saved = file_put_contents('/path/to/myserver/qrbackups/the-code.png', $data);

Keep in mind /path/to/myserver/qrbackups/the-code.png should be a unique file name for each individual QR code.

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You can use cURL to programmatically access URLs.

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You can try to use curl or file_get_contents to pull the file from the server.

For example:

And after getting the file just display the one you got from your server or remote.

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copy('', '/tmp/file.jpeg');

should work for you. And, as others have pointed you, cURL will work too.

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If you have the GD extension on your server, you can use a library like PHP QR Code to eliminate the dependency on Kaywa. Usage requires only one line of code wherever you want to generate a QR code.

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