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Is there a way to monitor queries in an access database, similar to the way SQL Profiler works?

I have a very old piece of software that I do not have the source for and it has an ODBC connection to an access database on another computer. Is there a way to monitor what queries are being called?

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Have you tried turning on the ODBC trace function? Use the ODBC Data Sources control panel applet. Switch to the 'Trace' tab and review the options available.

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Horray! That works!!! Gives a little too much information and too few options, but the data is there! – Eric P Jul 9 '09 at 15:22

I do not know of a tool that does that - but I can suggest two simple ways of doing this:

  1. Set-up a proxy so that your queries go to the proxy, the proxy logs them and then forwards them to the access database
  2. do a tcp-dump and extract the queries (monitor what happens at the wire level).
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You might also find Jet SHOWPLAN useful:

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+ but one downside is that the output file appears in the current folder, hence I have showplan.out files all over my file system (grr). – onedaywhen Jul 15 '09 at 9:38

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