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I have a file of 12Mb approximately that has the following typology


I'd like, using Mathematica, to clean it up removing all the symbols and numbers between quotes just leaving them separated by a space in the following format:

-154 -100 -28 -66 -222 -309 -196 etc…

How could I do this? I am fairly new to Mathematica and the tutorials on "How to clean a HTML file" or "How to clean a ZIP file" didn't clarified my question very much.

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You can try importing it as a string, replacing [ with { and ] with }, Evaling it then stripping out the first element of each Tuple with a Last@Tranpose.

data = Import["your_data.txt"];
  ToExpression[StringReplace[data, {"[" -> "{", "]" -> "}"}]]

Of course, there are much nicer ways of doing this. Slater's idea works well as well. You'll find there are literally a million ways to do this sort of thing in Mathematica.

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Mathematica does have regex support, as well as a general string manipulation package. Something along the lines of:

string = "[["1",-154],["2",-100],["3",-28],["4",-66]]"
StringSplit[string, "],["]

StringReplace[strings, RegularExpression["[\"[0-9]+\"]] -> " "]

You might need to play around with that a little, but that's the idea.

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Here is another method that avoids ToExpression (which could theoretically run code you did not intend to):

Import["data.txt", "Text"];

StringSplit[%, {"[[", "],[", "]]", ","}][[2 ;; ;; 2]];

StringJoin[Riffle[%, " "]]

Export["out.dat", %, "Text"]
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