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Providing interface in Microsoft IDL

interface RPC
    void foo([in, string] char * string)

Generated stub and header files are rpc_c.c, rpc_s.c and rpc_h.h. In header file rpc_h.h declares function foo

void foo( char * string );

In rpc_c.c automatically defines the client version

void foo( char * string)

But now I want to implement client and server in the same program for testing purpose, which should appear

#include "rpc_h.h"
#include "rpc_c.c"
#include "rpc_s.c"

/*server foo*/

void foo(char * string)
    printf("%s\n", string);


void server()

int main(int args, char * argv[])
    /*server runs*/

    CreateThread(NULL, 0, server, argv[1], 0, NULL);

    /*make RPC as client*/


As you can see, there is certainly an error about re-definition of both client and server foo. So I can't but manually rename client foo in rpc_c.c to be

void foo_client( char * string)

and declare it along with server version in rpc_h.h

void foo_client( char * string );
void foo( char * string );

Therefore when I make RPC as client in main, I do


It works around but looks a bit hacky. Is there a decent solution to this instead?

PS: For those who might concern, I develop with pure system RPC. It's not about COM, COM+, DCOM or even object-orientation at all. I'm developing a peer-to-peer application based on DHT, so I must implement client and server in the same application. Sorry about the com and dcom tags, they are now removed

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Hard to guess how you ended up with code like this, you should be generating code-less proxies these days, /Oicf midl option. Post the midl.exe command line. –  Hans Passant Jun 13 '12 at 14:39
@HansPassant /W1 /nologo /char signed /env win32 /h "%(Filename).h" /tlb "Release\BROKERNET.tlb" Actually what I have to do here is not about COM at all but purely RPC. –  Yang Jun 14 '12 at 0:19

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Don't create the client and server in the same application.

Create a dummy client application on the same machine. Your just making your life difficult.

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No. I have to make client and server in the same application because it's peer-to-peer application I'm developing. –  Yang Jun 14 '12 at 0:21

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