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I am using CocoaLumberjack for my logging as it seems a very versatile logging framework.

In my application, I need to log to a file, and have the contents of that file displayed in the app itself: this is for diagnostics purposes for the user of the app (mainly so they can see how much the app is accessing their network, which I log to file).

There is the DDFileLogger and DDLogFileManager classes. I can see how I can use the DDLogFileManager class to access a file once it's wrapped, but what I want to do is display the contents of the file in a UITextView - so that it shows the current contents.. not just when it's wrapped.

Either way, I can't see how to access the log file within the app itself - can anyone shed some light on how to do this please?


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See my answer here:


And these characters are just to reach the 30 minimum.

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