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I've added a text file to my VS2010 project using the "Resources" folder.

How can I read the text file and load it into an array?

Something like this:

FileOpen(1, "my.resources.adasdad.txt, OpenMode.Input)
        xfil = 1
        While Not EOF(1)

            For h = 1 To 7
                Input(1, tabla(xfil, h))
            xfil = xfil + 1
        End While

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Please define resource. The term has more than one meaning. If you're referring to a Windows resource, for instance, it's no longer a text file; it's actually embedded in your application, and you need to use the Windows API function LoadResource in order to access it. You need to clarify your question somewhat before we can answer it. :-) –  Ken White Jun 12 '12 at 23:49
hi, im referring to a resources of project.. project->properties->Resources-> add resources.... i do that, but i need read the file –  user1452462 Jun 13 '12 at 4:06

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