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I have a working website, where I use this expression everywhere.


It currently shows 2 decimal places, eg. $1.45

Now I need the website to show 4 decimal places, eg. $1.4515

Is there any easy way to change it globally?

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You can't modify the default behavior of the format specifier, but you can do a a global search-and-replace in your project. Assuming you're using Visual Studio, you can do a global search-and-replace (Ctrl-Shift-H) and replace .ToString("C") with .ToString("C4").

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Thanks - I found that I could also use DataFormatString="{0:C4}" in a Grid Column. –  PeterX May 21 '14 at 7:49

Can you overwrite thread's CurrentCulture and set CurrencyDecimalDigits?

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