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I'm trying to align 4 different parallax backgrounds in my game. These aren't endless tiling backgrounds like in a space shooter, they don't fill the whole screen. They're a row of trees running along the ground.

My images are bottom left aligned and I'm trying to align them all to the lowest point on the terrain.

I have the following information: The lowest point on the map that I want everything to line up at (is 300). The parallax / scroll factor of the background. The height of the background.


I've tried:

background.y = lowestPoint; // doesn't work
background.y = lowestPoint * parallaxFactor; // doesn't work, way off
background.y = lowestPoint + lowestPoint * parallaxFactor; // doesn't work

I'm obviously missing something here.

Basically, I'm trying to calculate where to put the background tile's registration point based on it's parallax factor and lowest point in the terrain.


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This isn't enough information. What do you mean by "align"? What do you mean by "lowest?" Post a sketch of what you're trying to achieve. Label it. –  Gene Jun 13 '12 at 1:15
Done. Does that help? –  Bruce Jun 13 '12 at 1:31
Well, why should paralax be involved in the y coordinate? Shouldnt it concern only horizontal movement? –  polvoazul Jun 13 '12 at 5:56

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If I understand this correctly; Screen position is calculated as

screenX = (positionX - cameraX) * parallaxFactor
screenY = (positionY - cameraY) * parallaxFactor

Then to align two positions with different parallax factors at some camera position, you need to match screen coordinates:

obj1.screenY = (obj1.positionY - cameraY) * obj1.parallaxFactor
obj2.screenY = (obj2.positionY - cameraY) * obj2.parallaxFactor

(obj1.positionY - cameraY) * obj1.parallaxFactor =
    (obj2.positionY - cameraY) * obj2.parallaxFactor

obj1.positionY =
    (obj2.positionY - cameraY) * F + cameraY

where F = obj2.parallaxFactor / obj1.parallaxFactor.

Similarly for the horizontal direction.

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