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I'm working on a small GWT app with a PHP backend that sucks data from MySQL, converts it to JSON and sends it over to a GWT front end where I decode the JSON into Java objects.

It's all working 100% correctly, but now the basics are there I'm starting to want to add more stuff to the database, and it's becoming a maintenance nightmare. First I have to update the DB, then modify the queries, then change the JSON output in the PHP and then modify the JSON parsing in the Java.

Is there any sort of framework that can automate/generate any part of this for me to reduce the effort?

I've got a hand made JSON parser because it seemed easier to get the data into a hierarcy that way than it did via the native javascript "eval" method put forward in most of the examples. Am I wrong? Can I use eval to safely (and simply) handle complex data on the client side?


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there are other ways than javascript eval(). Did you tried JSON.parse or jquery $.parseJSON ? what was that hierarchy problem? – user1299518 Jun 13 '12 at 1:35
When I say "hand made" I mean JSON.parse and then picking through the results and looking for my keys and then picking their objects to build up my hierarhy. I guess the hierarchy problem is that it wasn't immediately obvious to me how to access the heirarchy from the results of 'eval'. – John3136 Jun 13 '12 at 1:42

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