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Whenever I am using gedit to write code I can access either gedit or the terminal but not both. For example, when I type gedit hello.c linux brings up the file hello.c inside gedit. Now, while gedit is still displaying hello.c I cannot type anything into the terminal without closing hello.c in gedit.

How can I get around this so that I may actively use both the terminal and gedit simultaneously?


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type gedit hello.c &

or if you have already typed it without the ampersand press Ctrl + Z to send it to background, and type bg to enable gedit as David pointed out.

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Ctrl + Z will only stop the job. You need to call bg when back at the prompt so that the job is backgrounded. – David Cain Jun 13 '12 at 1:33
and if you close the terminal, gedit dies! – K1773R Jun 13 '12 at 6:45

if you already started gedit, press CTRL + Z, then type

bg && disown

dis will run gedit in background and disown it from the terminal (so gedit wont die if you close the terminal)

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