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I have been search for a host that has static/fixed ip address. Right now i use mediatemple's grid server and because it is a shared environment the ip address is dynamic and changes randomly.

My issue is that i have a script on my sever that fetches data from an ftp site. To access the data via ftp, i have to authenticate using an ip address, username and password. Because the ip address is ever changing, i cannot access the data.

One alternative was asking the data company if they would accept a range of ip address or a wildcard but they will not. they will only approve one ip address for download.

The other option was to purchase a self managed server. I do not want to manage my own server nor do i have the expertise to do so. So I need a solution like a shared environment (low cost) with a cpanel but one that has fixed ip address.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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You should look for "managed server" or "VPS" solutions.

Which host you choose is up to you. Many hosts offer such solutions, and a smaller host might fit your budget better than a "big name" hosting company.

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Hmmm.... Maybe this is an alternative, first you register with one shared host and then purchase static IP.

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This is really surprising ... usually in a shared hosting account where your site is hosted on a shared IP, the shared IP address is always fixed it rarely changes. I think you're right now on CDN hosting, so your data delivery IP address varies according to your VISITOR location.

I am hosting my various sites like thewebhostingdir.com and etc at http://www.accuwebhosting.com/ ... on shared hosting and their IP address is fixed since the hosting setup.

I suggest you to change your hosting provider. You don't need VPS at this moment.

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I found a solution. Godaddy vps virtual server starting at only $29.

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