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Basic doubt...If QTP generates vbscript code as we record actions, can't we directly write vbscript code and get rid of QTP which does the same thing too?

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Yes. You can write the code yourself, but you'd have to paste it into the QTP UI.

No. QTP is the engine that runs through it. The VBScript relies on the QTP UI to perform the actions in question, such as clicking on a link on a web page.

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Is it possible to write VBScript to perform the same which runs on just WINDOWS? (Not the same code, not on QTP UI.) –  San Jul 30 '10 at 15:05

While you can write QTP test scripts in any text editor (whether QTP IDE, Notepad or any other editor of your choice), you can run them only from QTP as it extends VBScript with its own object model providing the test objects (e.g. Browser) and test actions (e.g. Click). Outside of QTP these objects and actions are not defined, so you can't run test scripts directly via Windows Script Host.

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