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I'm trying to put together an image uploader. I want to upload images into a contenteditable area with drag-and-drop.

As I drag the file, I see the cursor moving - unless e.preventDefault() was called.

In Chrome, there is a function document.caretRangeFromPoint(x, y) to convert coordinates to cursor position (range). As far as I'm reading, there is no such in Firefox. (please prove mo wrong)

Is that moving cursor which I can see to be catched somehow? Maybe in the dragover/drop event? As for my experiments, it is not accessible as a range in the dragover event. I wish I was wrong.

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I bumped into the answer in the following thread (after having my own caretPositionFromPoint implemented, damn it :D)

In Firefox, you can simply access it in event.rangeParent and event.rangeOffset respectively.

Hope this saves someone's butt.

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The standards-based method that all browsers will hopefully eventually support is document.caretPositionFromPoint() and Firefox doesn't support it yet. There is an open bug on it though:


Firefox has supported this since version 20.

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Yeah I've bumped into that, but this basically means we can only use this method in a few years.. You are becoming my mentor^^ – zupa Jun 13 '12 at 11:41

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