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Is there a defined way of downgrading a solution to a lower version of the .net Framework.

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Follow this link: – ElYusubov Jun 13 '12 at 11:58
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Try to target .NET Framework 4.0 in your solution first.

Right click on your project-> Properties->Application panel. You should see it there. After setting your target framework you have to compile and address all possible framework specific scenarios.

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In Visual studio you should set the target to be Framework 4.0 (msdn). And then fixup the errors for any code manually that relies on 4.5

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If you have downloaded any packages using Nuget while your project was a 4.5 project, you need to manually remove the packages and install the pages again after you have changed your project to 4

First Update the packages and this will change many of packages using the command PM> update-package

You can remove the packages using PM > uninstall-package packageName -force

Install the package back using PM>install-package packageName

You can check to make sure all your nuget packages are 4.0 by looking at the packages.config file in the root of each project.

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