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It seems I've stumbled my way onto LINQ and have only just managed to see its usefulness. I'm unsure if I'm asking too much of it, or if I'm not doing things correctly. I have the following clumsy code,

class CStation{
    public String Make;
    public List<ulong> TunedStations;

List<List<ulong>> mStations=(from t in Radios where t.Make==aMake select t.TunedStations).ToList();
    return mStations[0];
return null;

Functional yes, but could I some how do this with LINQ?

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FirstOrDefault or SingleOrDefault, perhaps? (In this case the "specific value" is null which should work nicely.) –  user166390 Jun 13 '12 at 1:56

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You can use this :

var myDefault = ......;

return (from t in Radios 
        where t.Make==aMake 
        select t.TunedStations)
       .FirstOrDefault() ?? myDefault ; 

or as a lambda

    var myDefault = ......;
    return Radios.Where(t => t.Make == aMake)
           .FirstOrDefault() ?? myDefault ; 

These will return the first item in the collection or your default (or just omit ?? myDefault if you want to return null)

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Just use

return (from t in Radios where t.Make==aMake select t.TunedStations).FirstOrDefault(); 
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Just to note, the default here since it's an object type is null. –  ars265 Jun 13 '12 at 2:04

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