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I am looking for a simple desktop application shell to display an HTML and Javascript application. The web code will be bundled with the app and the app won't need network access. Basically all I need is a window with a webkit view in it I can point to a file on the user's computer.

I thought this would be simple, but I can't find a quick solution to it. What I have looked at so far:

  • Adobe Air - Fails due to some crazy security choices that break my web framework.
  • Titanium Desktop - Fails due to some strange page loading sequences that result in dom weirdness.
  • Chromeless - Looks perfect but discontinued and their download code no longer works.
  • PhoneGap - No desktop component.
  • XULRunner - Looks very complex for my needs.
  • Various others - not cross-platform (I need Windows and Mac), discontinued.

All I want is a simple shell around to display my HTML and run my JS. Please tell me my only solution isn't to use the WebKit view in something like Qt.

Thank you!

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Why not just have a link in their browser that pops up a window containing the local web content? – Alex W Jun 13 '12 at 2:49

See this: There are also bindings for using this from other languages like Python.

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AppJS have served me well in creating desktop shells for html5 apps. I think you should give it a try. It's quite easy to tinker with.

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