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I'm working on a project where I need to do both subject & functional classification of webpages, as described in Web Page Classification: Features and Algorithms by Qi and Davison. For example I may want to be able to tell if a particular page is about music, and whether it is a collection (list of links) or topic (data about one specific link from a collection) page. For subject classification I'm using a subset of the DMOZ Directory data to generate a set of training examples by crawling sites that are labeled with a particular topic as positive examples, along with negative examples.

I'm less clear on an approach that will work for functional classification. Essentially I need a way to find a set of urls that are labeled by type: collection pages, topic pages, etc. It's probably not feasible to generate a set by hand, and I want to be able to update the classifiers as webpages change on a somewhat regular basis. Any ideas on areas where I can find labeled data to use for my training set?

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