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I've been racking my brain all day trying to get this Facebook-SDK to work.. It all connects but when it returns to my URL nothing happens at all. This is all done on my localhost just for a test..

Here's my dummy code..

$Session = $this->Manhattan->GetFacebook()->getUser();

if ($Session)
    header('Location: ' . $this->Manhattan->GetFacebook()->getLoginUrl());

The return url is supposed to be http://localhost/ but ends up being http://localhost/?state=010a4fc54ab86bcea7fb1d7ce9433291&code=AQD1X-gOIgfk95rdE-uH59OFkLOLH72VltBZRk_0ZK5qgtpykwwfaUrdNoSvQVJC7P0zVDmBDNhGbH1CiAzdEPaK08xcC8evrc7DUH1jvB7Al0Lyfz3kgeisW6pTORG_hsAUwqsNTekm6I6yKmoIMpUJkH9-7UUYqs5XvekpkcJ1WMkwGndAJzvG9iw5XnPuiUI#=

This is always the result..

 Facebook::getUser() = 0;

Could anyone point out why? I rather use the PHP SDK than the Javascript SDK so please don't point me in that direction.


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you mean you cannot get a valid user? – Raptor Jun 13 '12 at 3:36
Yes, it always returns 0 and creates a loop of redirections from the facebook login to my localhost. – Shacobe Johnson Jun 13 '12 at 15:43

Yes, it always returns 0 and creates a loop of redirections from the facebook login to my localhost"

This is happening because


always holds 0. So it goes to the else part of your code and executes

header('Location: ' . $this->Manhattan->GetFacebook()->getLoginUrl());

try localhost.local instead of localhost. Don't forget to change in facebook app settings.

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