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I am going to have a list of select fields, collecting the same type of data. For example, I'll have a few select lists, tagged to the same class.

<select name="NBSCourse1" class="NBSCourse"></select>
<select name="NBSCourse2" class="NBSCourse"></select>
<select name="NBSCourse3" class="NBSCourse"></select>
// and so on... 

I've written a method to detect change in the select lists, all referring to them by class.

$("select.NBSCourse").change(function() {
 //Other codes here


It seems that the first select list (name="NBSCourse1") works, but the other select lists do not work. Am I not supposed to use classes for select lists, if there are multiple similar ones?

Details on what I'm trying to do...

Actually, the first row of Select Fields has been initialized by a jQuery function I've wrote: addrow(n). The method is called during, on $(document).ready.

I also have a button "Add More", which will call the addrow(n) function. I've declared a counter that's called 'counterNBSCourse', which I passed into the function. addrow(counterNBSCourse).

function addRow(n){         
var tablerow 
tablerow = "<tr>";
tablerow += "<td><select name='NBSCourse" + n + "' class='NBSCourse'></select></td>";
    //Other select fields

   tablerow += "</tr>"


//Method to populate select list
    $.ajax({url:"dropdown.asp?type=courseidfill", success:function(result) { 
     $("select[name=NBSCourse" + n + "]").html(result);




As you can see, when I add another row of select fields that has a class "NBSCourse", my is name according to the current value of "counterNBSCourse". "NBSCourse1","NBSCourse2".. etc.

At the moment, only responds to the field.

Further notes of the $("select.NBSCourse").change(function() {

$("select.NBSCourse").change(function () {

    //Getting select field's name       
var name
name = $(this).attr('name');

    //Getting the number tagged behind the select name file     
var num     
num = name.replace("NBSCourse","");

//Getting selected value
    var nbsCourseid;
nbsCourseid = $(this).val();

//Function to populate another select field,        
$.ajax({url:"dropdown.asp?value="+ nbsCourseid + "&type=courseid",success:function(result) { 

 $("select[name=IndexNo" + num + "]").html(result);                 
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Could you add the rest of the code plz? Btw you are missing a " in your selector –  Nicolás Torres Jun 13 '12 at 3:48
select.NBSCourse should definitely match all of the select elements in your example code. Aside from the missing closing quotes in your JavaScript, can you show more code to reproduce the problem? –  David Jun 13 '12 at 3:49
jsfiddle.net/lucuma/TvJ7j Works fine with the proper quoting. –  lucuma Jun 13 '12 at 3:57
@NicolásTorres Okay, have added rest of the coding. –  kosherjellyfish Jun 13 '12 at 5:00
@david I've added the rest of the coding :) –  kosherjellyfish Jun 13 '12 at 5:09

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It's ok to use class selector, you miss a " of your code $("select.NBSCourse).

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Thanks. I've corrected the above to reflect that. –  kosherjellyfish Jun 13 '12 at 4:58

You have a missing closing quote:

$("select.NBSCourse").change(function() {
 //Other codes here
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Thanks all. I managed to resolve the above issue (with my brother's help, who is obviously more well-verse in jQuery!)

It appears that my codes are working fine, but my function addrow(); didn't work because I placed the script under $(document).read(function(). That's why the function could only be called once.

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