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In my app, i want to fetch all videos of logged in user i.e. videos that are uploaded by user, videos share by user, user tagged in etc. Currently im using "stream" query as:

    SELECT created_time, post_id, actor_id, type, updated_time, attachment FROM stream WHERE created_time>1075593600 AND type IN (56, 80, 128, 237, 272) AND source_id=me() limit 10000

As you can see i use "type IN" to fetch required videos but this query is not fetching all videos of mine . I have two videos in 2011 one of which is uploaded and other one is shared.But i m not getting these two. Also in developer.facebook it was written that "Each query of the stream table is limited to the previous 30 days or 50 posts, whichever is greater, however you can use time-specific fields such as created_time along with FQL operators (such as < or >) to retrieve a much greater range of posts." So i tried "created time>0" i.e.(1970) and other like timestamp of 2001 but still i m not getting all. Please help..its urgent.Thanks

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No answer...its two weeks.anyone?? – himanshu Jun 27 '12 at 7:02
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This is not possible in single facebook query. I also implemented it using single query but i faced issues with it.

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