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Why does this code throw ShimNotSupportedException in operator?

ShimStreamReader.AllInstances.EndOfStreamGet = ((s)=>calls < 1);

        public void GetAllLinesFromFile__()
            int calls = 0;

            using (ShimsContext.Create())
                ShimStreamReader.AllInstances.EndOfStreamGet = ((s)=>calls < 1);
                ShimStreamReader.AllInstances.ReadLine = (s) =>
                                                                 return ";;;;;;;;;;";
                var streamFake = new ShimStreamReader();
                var obj = new MyFile(streamFake, ';');

                Assert.IsTrue(obj.GetAllLinesFromFile().Count() == 1);

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I ran your code and works fine in VS 2012 RC. I did face the similar issue when I opened a solution in VS 11 Beta which was created in VS 2010. The only workaround I figured out was to create a new solution in VS 11 Beta.

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Could it be that you are running the test from Resharper or some other testrunner?

I've written a few blogposts related to this which may be helpful:

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Yes, this exception is typical when you try running Fakes tests in a third-party test harness. – Oleg Sych Oct 16 '12 at 19:21

One of the possible causes is missing of the fakesconfig files which should have been generated along with your xxx.fakes.dll.

I used a central project to generate Fake assemblies, and use other projects which depend on the central project to consume the generated Fake assemblies.

Let's call the Fake assembly consuming project FOO.

I did encounter the ShimNotSupportedException. After some investigation(several days!), I found that the fakesconfig files were not copied along with the Fake assemblies to the folder where FOO.dll resides. After copying fakesconfig files there, my tests passed.

Hope this helps.

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Another case where this happens is when you have Typemock installed and it is enabled.

Disable on Typemock -> Suspend Mocking

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