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I have the following data:

t4.8k   1.84    1.86    1.83
t5.8k   1.82    1.84    1.8
t7.10k  1.79    1.8     1.77 
t8.8k   1.8     1.84    1.76

I need to plot this in GNU plot using yerror bars.
Column1 - dataset name. This is the xaxis scale. Column2 - Y-Mean Column3 - Y-Max Column4 - Y-Min

Here is the plotting code that I use:

plot "chameleonConfidence.dat" using xtic(1):2:4:3  title "Ratio of Time Taken" with yerrorbars

But this gives me the following error

Warning: empty x range [4.94066e-324:4.94066e-324], adjusting to [4.94066e-324:4.94066e-324] "chameleonConfidence.gplot", line 15: x_min should not equal x_max!

Can someone help me with this?

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This works for me.

set xrange [-1:4]
TITLE="Ratio of Time Taken"
plot "chameleonConfidence.dat" using ($0):2:4:3:xticlabels(1) with yerrorbars title TITLE

the xtic function doesn't replace the x-values in your file -- it is an automagic extra field you can add to the using specification to add the xticlabels on your axis. Basically, you just need the line number ($0) to be the x value and then you are all set (moving xtic(1) to the end of your using spec)

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