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So I'm fairly new to python and configobj and NLTK.

Now my requirement is that I need to create a config file which would have all the rules of NLTK. In the sense for a sentence of the type 'The Black Crow'..the NLTK rules would be 'DT+JJ+NN'. (DT=determiner(the), JJ=Adjective(black), NN=Noun(crow)).

So essentially my config file would look some thing like this,

rule = [DT+JJ+NN, CC+JJ+NN, .....]

Now I need to write a code in python where in if if i give an input as rule[0], then it should give me the output as [DT+JJ+NN]. And if i give rule[1], then it should give me the output as [CC+JJ+NN]. Consequently if I give rule[0][0] then the output should be [DT] and for rule [0][1] it should be [JJ].

Can someone please help me?? I'm having trouble since all the rules are to be maintained in a config file. I'd be very grateful!

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So you have a config file that you want to open and read in python. Do you necessarily want/need to use ConfigObj to do that? If yes, have you looked at some usage examples by googling it?

In any case, you should show us what you've got so far. For starters, can you write the python code that opens your config file?

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