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How can I convert all values in an array to lowercase in PHP?

Something like array_change_key_case?

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use array_map():

$yourArray = array_map('strtolower', $yourArray);
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This doesn't directly convert it, does it? Does it need $yourArray = array_map('strtolower', $yourArray); ? – adrianTNT Jan 10 '14 at 22:22
You are correct, @adrianTNT. I will update to make it clearer. – ariefbayu Jan 11 '14 at 13:00


by continue

    function array_change_value_case($array, $case = CASE_LOWER){
        if ( ! is_array($array)) return false;
        foreach ($array as $key => &$value){
            if (is_array($value))
            call_user_func_array(__function__, array (&$value, $case ) ) ;
            $array[$key] = ($case == CASE_UPPER )
            ? strtoupper($array[$key])
            : strtolower($array[$key]);
        return $array;

    $arrays = array ( 1 => 'ONE', 2=> 'TWO', 3 => 'THREE',
                     'FOUR' => array ('a' => 'Ahmed', 'b' => 'basem',
                     'c' => 'Continue'),
                      5=> 'FIVE',

    $change_case = array_change_value_case($arrays, CASE_UPPER);
    echo "<pre>";
 [1] => one
 [2] => two
 [3] => three
 [FOUR] => Array
   [a] => ahmed
   [b] => basem
   [c] => continue

 [5] => five
 [6] => Array
   [0] => abcdef

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You can also use a combination of array_flip() and array_change_key_case(). See this post

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Array data is lost after calling array_flip() if array contains duplicated values. – Pang Oct 25 '14 at 1:23

array_map() is the correct method. But, if you want to convert specific array values or all array values to lowercase one by one, you can use strtolower().

for($i=0; $i < count($array1); $i++) {
    $array1[$i] = strtolower($array1[$i]);
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Just for completeness: you may also use array_walk:

array_walk($yourArray, function(&$value)
  $value = strtolower($value);

From PHP docs:

If callback needs to be working with the actual values of the array, specify the first parameter of callback as a reference. Then, any changes made to those elements will be made in the original array itself.

Or directly via foreach loop using references:

foreach($yourArray as &$value)
  $value = strtolower($value);

Note that these two methods change the array "in place", whereas array_map creates and returns a copy of the array, which may not be desirable in case of very large arrays.

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You could use array_map(), set the first parameter to 'strtolower' (including the quotes) and the second parameter to $lower_case_array.

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