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An application has been integrated into liferay using iFrame. Application is developed in JSF with bean being in session scoped. For authentication CAS has been used with liferay. The application uses login username of liferay. When liferay is loggout out, the session of application is not cleared so because of which logging with another account shows old data. How can I clear the session of application when logging out of liferay?

Looking for the help.

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Have a look at com.liferay.portal.action.LogoutAction.execute() method. Here at line#100.

You have to call your jsf application code at this moment to invalidate the session that you have in that particular application.

Now, in order to change the LogoutAction, you can use the EXT environment or you can write the code into LogoutPostAction by modifying the same using hook.

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I am writing Hook with LogoutPreAction and it works well in my computer. But while deploying into the server, old setting of portal properties is taken; it hasn't been overridden. What could be the problem? – shakeelstha Jun 14 '12 at 5:27
Could you please be specific on the old settings? which properties are taken with old values? – Felix Christy Jun 14 '12 at 5:29
By old setting I mean default setting logout.events.pre=com.liferay.portal.events.LogoutPreAction – shakeelstha Jun 14 '12 at 5:34
Hi, in your hook, as the properties file also and override property like logout.events.pre=com.liferay.portal.events.LogoutPreAction,<your customLogoutPreAction package path with class name> – Felix Christy Jun 14 '12 at 5:42
Yes, I did and it works fine in my machine but while deploying in Server it doesn't work; portal.properties is not overridden. – shakeelstha Jun 14 '12 at 6:01

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