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In a table, I want to check if a particular column exists or not. If the column does not exist, I want to alter the table and create that column.

I am using Oracle 11g.

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Try this:

declare p_count NUMBER;

select count(1) int p_count
where OWNER = '<SCHEMA_NAME>' 

IF p_count = 0 THEN
    --add your column

Eventually (depending on the rights) You can use user_tab_columns.

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The pl/sql syntax is not correct. You can't use DECLARE without BEGIN –  Ilya Kharlamov Jun 15 at 17:51

If you just want to add a column if it doesn't exist, just issue an ALTER TABLE ADD (mycolumn ...);. If the statement raises an exception (ORA-01430: column being added already exists in table), the column was already there and you can ignore the exception.

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look into user_tab_columns table to check if the column exists , and do accordingly

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Or, you can ignore the error:

    column_exists exception;
    pragma exception_init (column_exists , -01430);
    execute immediate 'ALTER TABLE db.tablename ADD columnname NVARCHAR2(30)';
    exception when column_exists then null;
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